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I am connected to my regular subscriber via my mobile app. A lot of my followers, with low capital and budget, were expressing the desire to connect with me in some meaningful form. And in these COVID times, where social media reach has become much more expansive & penetrating than ever before, I sensed this as a responsibility towards emerging generation of new aspiring market participants and investors with low free capital - to connect, guide and help them in realising collective goals of building an understanding of the market while continuously upgrading their confidence through smaller regular gains. This has motivated me to start a small service for this growing community. My purpose here is to regularly educate masses through YouTube videos and, additionally, for members to provide 1-3 momentum calls in a month based on techno-funda . It will help in building conceptual and practical knowledge about the market to these rookies and professionals alike.

Of course, I provide much more valued positional cash and FnO calls to my regular subscribers. These are a mix of techno-funda , value picking & catching momentum and hence much more rewarding.

Nonetheless, those of you interested in all sorts of tutti-frutti / Robin-hood ... are welcomed to join the Youtube membership.

We do not exceed 10 Lakh margin requirements at any given point of time as per NSE margin norms.

We only share stock picks and it’s purely up to you whether you buy stock worth rupees 100, 200...1000.....100000....500000.....If you want us to suggest capital allocation then we would suggest you to buy each stock worth 4%-6% of your total stock market Capital.

Calls will be delivered via our official mobile app “Rakesh Bansal” available on Android & iOS
Android app works on os version 9.0 or above. iOS works on 11.0 version or above