Advisory Services

Advisory services under banner of Namrata Bansal SEBI Registration: INH100006117

Equity Segment

Yearly Fee : INR 29500/-

Half Yearly Fee : INR 17700/-

RKB Stock Picks - My ability to judge trends and identify stocks which can give 15 to 30% return in short to medium term (3-8 months). It rests on my networking, Incisive technical analysis and ability to take suitable calls. And, in case of any deviation, I have proven beyond doubt my prowess to replace particular scrip with another to make it a winning proposition. I believe the performance should speak for itself. Calls will be delivered via our official mobile app “Rakesh Bansal” available on Android & iOS. Android app works on os version 6.0 or above. iOS works on 11.0 version or above

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Yearly Fee : INR 29500/-

Quarterly Fee : INR 17700/-

RKB 20- 20: Trading in derivative segment of the market is more of addiction than being compulsion but still we all do. I am different. NO IF NO, BUT MY performance speaks. I believe the performance should speak for itself. Click here to check performance.  Total numbers of open stock positions are capped to maximum margin utilization of ten lakhs as per NSE margin requirement at any given point of time. Calls will be delivered via our official mobile app “Rakesh Bansal” available on Android & iOS. Android app works on os version 6.0 or above. iOS works on 11.0 version or above

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RKB Chota Packet

Half Yearly Fee : INR 2999/-

RKB Chota Packet is the same YouTube Membership content shared on our official mobile app.

I have been inundated with requests from my followers and fans all over the country that are not able to subscribe to my YouTube membership due to payment mode hiccups/credit card issues/international payment hiccups. I understand the restlessness behind all such requests, and, therefore we came up with RKB Chota Packet….. same- my YouTube membership content.

One thing I have taken a resolve for- nothing can come between me and my followers/ fans. My commitment and hard work persists for you all.

Please note: subscribing to the RKB chota packet does not allow you to chat in members exclusive chat section/ chat community tab on Rakesh Bansal YouTube Channel. We have just provided this facility to those who are not able to subscribe to my YouTube membership due to payment mode hiccups/credit card issues/international payment hiccups.

- Stock picks are shared under separate section in our official mobile app ( app notifies instant )

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RKB Call / Put

Monthly Fee : INR 1999/-

Welcome to RKB Options Advisory under the banner of Namrata Bansal.

    Key Points:
  • We would only buy options.
  • No naked option selling.
  • Clear Buying & selling signals / instructions.
  • We’ll define clear Stop Loss.
  • Min Capital Req 1 Lkh

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Intra & BTST

Monthly Fee : INR 3999/-

Quaterly Fee : INR 9999/-

In this segment we will focus our advisory on Intraday, BTST & Rare ultra short term (2-3 days).

Hi dear subscribers!
Many of you have requested for routine trades to have a constant engagement with the live market. So, I am launching an Intraday/ BTST service aimed at picking high momentum stocks based on live price- volume action. The trades will be quick, lasting for a few hours or at most btst/ stbt. We will assume a standard buying amount of Rs. 2 lakhs and performance will be tracked on this basis. Obviously, depending on the capital and risk appetite, one may choose to trade in suitable amounts; whereas, to reiterate, our reference amount will be Rs. 2 Lakhs. Hope you would enjoy added profits and related action.

    Key Points:
  • Intraday
  • BTST

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Terms & conditions:

  • The information or advise or consultation provided on the site or by us is purely an area of research, which is susceptible to the constant changes in the market. No such information or advise or consultation can be held against us and the same is nothing more than our professional service based on our technical expertise, which may vary from other experts. The subscriber or user voluntarily agrees to take into consideration our inputs while making investments. We shall not be responsible or liable for any loss.
  • We hold all rights to terminate or modify subscription of any person from our services at any time. We shall not be liable to pay charges or refund.
  • We will have exclusive right to change or modify our policies, disclosures, information provided on our platform without any notice. All visitors and subscribers to our site shall deem to have accetped the same.
  • All information, calls, research provided to clients ( including ID, password ) is a closed group information, private and confidential. No one is allowed to circulate it outside the group. Doing so will be a violation and will attract legal consequences.
  • We do not provide any guarantees in stock market / share market. Every individual will be responsible for his or own fund/buying/selling. We will have no legal responsibility or liability towards any loss or health, wealth, damages.
  • Fee paid shall be non refundable. User, visitor, subscriber agrees by making fee payment that he has read and agreed to our terms & conditions and various disclosures

A last few years have been a roller coaster ride for equity market participants. Most of the 'value investors' have suffered the most wherein their long term bets have eroded wealth. Our minds are full of Y 2008/09 financial crisis, De-monetisation, LTCG tax, lacklustre economy/ budget blues, and now Covid19 - the story continues to hope against hope....

While virtues of long term investing are always emphasised, modern technologically disruptive world has squeezed long term horizon. Even Keynes said that in long term, we are all dead. Nonetheless, most of you may have enough leisure & expertise to pick blue chips for long term investing. But in today's turbulent world, most of the gains are made in short to medium term trading & investing.

"Welcome to the world of uncertainty, turbulence and volatility!!!”......

The only one thing that has worked so far, and is universal is to recognize short and medium term direction and ride those trends. Techno- fundamental analysis coupled with computer generated Algo models have come to the rescue and generated good returns on capital in short term. And, it will continue to do so and, therefore, time to introspect...

  • "Do you care for Return OF Capital along with Return ON Capital?"
  • "Are you craving for short and medium gains in current uncertain times?”
  • "Do you wish to keep winning under expert guidance?" .......

....if yes, Welcome to my world!